A Guide to Remodeling your Lake-View Home

Living in the greater Seattle Area provides so many options for a nice home with gorgeous view of the lakes or mountains! Many of our clients come to us asking for help building their dream view home and want to know the best way to get started. Below is an article from that explains our process and recommendations.

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A Guide to Remodeling your Lake-View Home

Written by: the Houzz Sponsored Content team

Who: Mickey Hansen of H2 View

In his own words: “Lots of properties offer a great view of the water, but they already have houses.”


If you’re looking to build your dream home overlooking one of the area’s many lakes, the bad news is that most view lots include existing homes. The good news: “There are plenty of opportunities to remodel,” says Mickey Hansen, the owner of H2 View, a custom builder and remodeler in Snohomish. He works with his clients to enhance their homes’ lake views.

A passion for building.

Hansen and his wife, Sherri, started H2 View in 2009. “Our dream was to own a business that allowed us to pursue creative passions,” he says. “I’ve always loved residential construction. When I was young, I would come home from school and draw a new house with color crayons every day.”

Holistic design.

“We love to create dwellings that maximize homeowners’ views and realize the property’s full potential,” Hansen says. “It’s amazing how we’re able to bring our clients’ dreams to reality. Construction is a really creative process, and the reward is that final product for these families.”

Ready to get your dream home? See Hansen’s tips below.

1. Determine the Best Value

When you’re deciding on the scope of your remodel, keep in mind that the value of your property shouldn’t exceed that of the other homes in your neighborhood. “To determine whether the project is feasible, we work closely with the architect to help establish the best fit for the property and set a budget based on that,” Hansen says.

This contemporary home originally had small windows that offered only a sliver of a view. “To take advantage of their view of Lake Sammamish, we opened up the space and installed a sliding pass-through window for easier outdoor entertaining,” Hansen says. “The remodel increased the value of their home, which is appropriate for the neighborhood.”

2. Save the ‘Good Bones’

Keeping the well-built parts of your home — such as the foundation and framing — will give you more bang for your buck. “Saving the ‘good bones’ will save you headaches and money, and it reduces the project’s timeline,” Hansen says. “It’s also a green practice, since you’re not polluting the air with trucks coming in and out, ripping out concrete or hauling away old materials.”

During the remodel of the Kirkland home seen here, the H2 View team preserved the foundation and lower floor. “We used the money saved to expand the main and top floors and enhance the views from the upper floor for an amazing entertainment space,” Hansen says.

3. Take Advantage of Your Views

Reverse floor plans maximize a home’s views. “Designing the main entertainment spaces, like the kitchen, living room and deck, on the top floor gives you and your guests the best views,” Hansen says. “Bedrooms can be on lower floors, while the garage and main entrance should be easily accessible on the middle floor to eliminate steps.”

The contemporary Kirkland home on Lake Washington seen here features an expansive sliding glass door that opens onto the deck from the top-floor kitchen and living room. “We also angled the roofline on the deck side upward so the room has a feeling of openness toward the view,” Hansen says.